Week 4 Update

Thanks to our CAD team, the fabrication of our robot was good to go this week. Meetings at NuVision started becoming a daily thing in order to finish the fabrication work on the robot. Programming worked on tuning the vision processing, so that we could balance fps (frames per second) with pixel quality. More errors were knocked out of the robot code, especially some that stopped the robot from moving completely. Several prototypes for the shooting mechanism were designed and tested. After a bit of messing with the angle and distance we managed to get it to work with decent accuracy. Our Electrical team started planning out the block-diagram, and teaching rookies AutoCAD Electrical. The awards team finished the chairman’s submission and thanks to our business team and our website team, we got a donation box setup where we have already received money from gracious donors. An employee from Lowe’s visited during a Saturday meeting to help us out and is coming more often.