Week 5 Update

During the fifth build week, Team SPORK finished a working version of the robot design. It was fully drivable, but was missing its final shooting mechanism, ball intake system, and arm. After taking what they learned from the first version, mechanical started production of a second robot to fix the mistakes from the original. Production began on the second robot while the shooting mechanism and ball intake systems were added to the original. The final concept of the arm was completed, with production beginning.

The programming team mapped out and began coding the autonomous portion of the program codes. They encountered minor setbacks with vision processing, but they were soon fixed. Vision processing was adapted to allow us to switch between two USB cameras.

The electrical team, with only a diminutive amount of room to work with, mapped out where the electronics will go in the little amount of space given. They then installed the electronics onto the first version of the robot.

The team is very excited (and somewhat relieved) to be nearing the end of build season!

DSC_0031 (1)