Team SPORK Interest Meeting

Team SPORK will be hosting a meeting on August 25th for anyone who is interested in Team SPORK and what we do.  We encourage anyone that goes to Pine Lake Preparatory and wishes to pursue a career in either operations or engineering to attend this meeting.  We will provide anyone who attends with a substantial amount of information about how we operate, what we do during build season and off season, how to join the team, and plenty more things.  If you are even considering pursuing anything in operations or engineering please consider spending an hour with us from 2:30 to 3:30 on Thursday to learn more about how SPORK works and how it can better you.

STEM Building Open House

Team SPORK will be at Pine Lake Preparatory’s STEM Building Ribbon Cutting! We will be showing off our beloved Sir SPORKalot and will have Shooter McGavin and Scorpion.  The Open House will be on August 20th and will have performances and a general Meet-n-Greet with our new and old teachers.  We will be positioned towards the middle of the building in between the two stairwells.  Our members cannot wait to see new faces excited about STEM and Pine Lake’s brand new building!IMG_1617