A Fantastic Movement

Hello Everybody! Long time no see! We hope everybody has enjoyed their summer vacation, but we are kicking ourselves back into gear and getting the train rolling once again. Over the summer a select few have been working very hard to plan our year out and ensure a more streamlined structure and process of carrying out our day to day activities. With this being done, there is no doubt in our minds that efficiency within the team will increase drastically.

Along with all of this fantastic news, there is still more to be uncovered, Team SPORK has partnered with the #itcanwait movement to help not only bring awareness to the issue of texting and driving, but also to help ensure safety on our schools campus. There have been multiple occasions where our team members wellness has been threatened by the carelessness of others.  We hope you are willing to join every single one of our team members, mentors, and coaches in taking the pledge to not text and drive. If you would like to take the pledge please visit this website and join this fantastic movement!

We hope everyone enjoys what is left of their days and stay safe on the roads!

– Team SPORK