Recap: Week 3

As a team we have made tremendous progress in building and operations. We have been working tirelessly on awards and are very proud of the work that is being accomplished. Through the long days spent working together, we have grown closer as a family. We continue to bond through our passion and enjoy the time we get to spend getting to know one another. It is especially exciting to recognize the great talent of our new members. We are so excited for the upcoming weeks as we get closer to competition and we are eager to continue our great work!

It was a pleasure working with #6004 f(x) Robotics, #1533 Triple Strange, #3459 Team PyroTech, #900 The Zebracorns, and #4561 TerrorBytes at the NC FLL State Championship!!! 

Recap: Week 2 – Snowed In

This week for Team Spork was quite chaotic to say the least due to unexpected snow. We were stuck inside our homes without the ability to see each other face to face for almost the whole week, but we managed through strong communication. Communication is so important especially in times like this. We were able to complete a lot of work on the operations side and are quite thankful for the few days we had off of school to work! Although the snow set us back slightly in building, we are happier than ever to be back together and we are quickly getting back on track.

Recap: Week 1 – Student Experience

As a new member, I have had an amazing experience so far using my skill to help the team. During the design process, I have been able to utilize my drawing experience to design mechanisms and present a clear understanding of ideas. I am very excited about the game this year. I think the game at surface level is relatively simple but the main challenge is in strategy. This week we have made lots of progress with design in CAD and strategizing. I am proud of what we have accomplished so far and I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks in build season.