Recap: Week 4

This week has been very exciting and chaotic for our team. Early in the week, a representative from Lowe’s, one of our amazing sponsors, gave us a visit. We had the honor to show her around the workshop and tell her a bit about the game and our strategy this year. We appreciate the gracious donation from Lowe’s and are very proud to have them as a sponsor.

On Saturday afternoon we also received a visit from someone we love and honor so much, Julia Wagner. Mrs. Wagner is a NC FIRST representative and we are so happy we got to see her and show her what we are working on!

As we continued to progress through the week, we came upon a few bumps in the road. A few challenges arose with our chairman’s video, setting us back in our progress. But we took that frustration and turned it into motivation. We have realized that we will always run into challenges, but what matters is that we push through those tough times to make us stronger as a team and a family.