THOR Recap!

Thank you to everyone who came and watched us at THOR! From mentors, to alumni students, to so many others, we had a great group cheering us on and we couldn’t have done it without them. We ended in 3rd place after an amazing round of qualification matches and ended up being finalists at the competition! We allianced with Team 2655, The Flying Platypi, and Team 6004, F(x) Robotics!


Homecoming Game

SPORK would like to congratulate our captain, Anneliese McInnis for making homecoming court! We also had a SPORKcannon during today’s football game. Great job Pine Lake Prep! Anneliese is accompanied by the SPORKcannon( Jk but we think they would make a great couple.)

SPORK Shoot Off

Pine Lake Prep played a great game against Union Academy yesterday. SPORK was out shooting our SPORKcannon, along with selling 50/50 raffle tickets. Thank you to everyone who supported SPORK. Last night we sold to help robotics teams through the Carolinas that schools were flooded due to hurricane Florence. Thank you to everyone that came out to support our team.

SPORK Takes on Spain

Team SPORK would like to thank Enrique González for taking some time out of his busy schedule to come to talk to us about his experience in America. Enrique is a senior from Spain, who is staying with SPORK’s Ryan True.

Q: What is your favorite part about America?

E: I like a lot about America, everyone has treated me well, I feel really comfortable here. One of the things I enjoy the most about living here is the schools. For example, Pine Lake has been something that has caught my attention, the way it works, it’s very different than the way things are back in Spain. One of my favorite days was when I went to the University of Charlotte, I was completely amazed by the number of buildings, how big it was, everything seemed great.

Q: Do you guys have robotics teams back in Spain?

E: I bet there are but I haven’t seen any. I go to a public high school and this is unthinkable. We have a technology class in which they built a robot, it was the most ridiculous thing, a complete disaster. The robot didn’t work at all.

Q: Do you guys have STEM classes in Spain?

E: Yes, when you get to high school you get to choose one of three paths, one that centers around social science, economy, and marketing. One for humanities, which is all about history. Then you have the technology one in which you engineer and use technology, chemistry, physics, and math

50/50 Raffle

Team SPORK, this year, began selling 50/50 raffle tickets in order to raise money for FRC Teams affected by Hurricane Florence. We sold raffle tickets at our school’s football games, raising $819 dollars in total, but are planning on donating $1000 dollars to this charitable cause. Team SPORK will continue this raffle in the future, donating to a different cause each year.

Helping Hurricane Florence Victims

As much of North Carolina slowly rebuilds after Hurricane Florence last week, many teams in North Carolina now face uncertainty to the future of their team as they still are unable to address the damage from the Hurricane. Understanding the huge challenge facing these teams for this year, we would like provide support. Something we mentioned a post or two ago was about our 50/50 raffle that goes on during each football game. We would like to take all proceeds earned through these raffles and donate it to these teams, in the hope that this will allow them to rebuild. This applies to all games for this season.

If you’re unable to donate through the games, please consider donating through the FIRST website. All proceeds go to the teams to help them rebuild.

Thank you,



Gaston College

On September 19th, a few of Team SPORK’s leadership members presented to a Gaston College committee on how to start a FIRST team. Our members did a fantastic job describing what FIRST is and the benefits of creating a team. The presentation included a description of FIRST and our team,  important resources as a rookie team, demographics of our team, budgeting, outreach, and the benefits that FIRST provides students and schools. Thank you, Gaston College, for providing us with this awesome opportunity!

FIRST LEGO League Kickoff

Team SPORK attended the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) kickoff event in Greensboro, where our students gave a presentation analyzing and breaking down the INTO ORBIT game rules to FLL teams. SPORK members also led a break down of the FLL Kit of Parts, where our students went through the components available for use on FLL robots. These include the EV3 brick (the controller), motors, lego pieces, and an array of sensors such as color, bump, and ultra-sonic sensors.

Additionally, one of Team SPORK’s mentors, Mr. Lashley, gave a presentation on “Awesome FLL Presentation Styles”, regarding successful ways for FLL teams to excel in the project portion of the competition. The FLL project has students creating innovative solutions to real world problems, and accounts for 1/3 of an FLL Team’s judging.