Lawndale FLL Competition

Team SPORK volunteered at the Lawndale FIRST LEGO League Competition on January 12th, 2019. Our students served as Referees, Field resetters, and Queuers, while the mentors and loving parents volunteering with Team SPORK served as Judges for the FLL teams.

The adult and students from Team SPORK who volunteered at the 2019 Lawndale FLL Competition.

A handful of our extremely dedicated members and mentors made the trip to Lawndale the Friday night before the competition in order to set up so that the rest of the volunteers would be ready to roll at 7:00 sharp the following morning. A special thanks to the Lashley family for their hard work.

Scott Lashley lifting with his knees, not his back, when setting up for Lawndale the night before.

Some more photos from the event: