Week Two Build Update

Week two is over! Team SPORK has spent this past week working the last kinks out of our designs. While the CAD/Design team has been finalizing the robot design and drawing it, the Mechanical team has been constructing the chassis for the practice robot and building some additional prototypes of our Cargo, Hatch, and HAB climbing mechanisms. The other engineering teams, Programming and Electrical, have started planning out their systems, which we hope to start producing soon. The field construction team also finished up building the field models this week, giving our future robots a place to frolic.

In the next week, we hope to see our practice robot come together and start driving. Soon we will start the construction our Competition robot once we correct any issues that may arise while building the practice robot.

We’ve also had a couple frustrating setbacks and learning experiences. An out-of-square bandsaw gave us a fair deal of trouble with the alignment in our chassis, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a rookie-hour (yes, that’s a real unit) of labor. We also had a great deal of fun when the disk in the computer running our CNC router died, and so we had to replace the computer with one of the old CAD desktops. A couple of hours were spent reconfiguring the router and getting it in cutting order again.

Team SPORK is quite excited for the next four weeks of this 2019 season! – Justin Stephens, Team SPORK Director of Engineering

Looking at gearboxes