Week Five (and a half) Build Update

This past week and a half (oops, we forgot to post an update) was quite exciting. We made minor design changes to our different mechanisms, and have been finalizing the assembly of the practice robot. Electrical team finally got their hands on a robot, so they have done a lot of great work in the last week to get the robot running (it worked, too!). Our programming sub team is also getting a kickstart on our tele-op and autonomous programs for testing!

In addition to all of the work done with the robot, our awards team has also done some amazing work. In the past week, they’ve finished the chairman’s essay, wood flowers, and they’ve started our chairman’s video. Thanks to all of our amazing members and mentors, we are all buckling down to wrap up our robot.

As there are now only six days left before stop build day, Team SPORK is in a full frenzy to finish up our robots. We still need to mount our assembled climbing mechanism and finish the electrical work for mechanisms on the practice robot. Meanwhile, the Mechanical and Electrical teams will be working to finish the competition robot in time for stop build day (February 19th). Our hatch and cargo mechanisms are ready to install (for the most part), but climbing mechanism needs a fair bit of additional assembly before we install.

While the stop build deadline is quickly approaching, Team SPORK is optimistic about this next week. Cheers. – Justin Stephens, Team SPORK Director of Engineering