To Our Sponsors… Asheville Edition

Here is an update for you following the team’s second competition of the season, which took place over the weekend at UNC Asheville.  We’ve come so far since this year’s competition was revealed the first week of January – brainstorming the most effective design to accomplish this year’s “Destination: Deep Space” challenge, creating CAD models and electrical diagrams, programming and building the robot, testing and honing its capabilities, and then this weekend, competing against 32 other teams in a district competition.

Our team and robot performed well during the day-and-a-half of qualifying matches finishing 2nd out of 32 teams, becoming Alliance 2 captain, selecting Team 1533 Triple Strange and Team 6894 Iced Java. Our team was ecstatic to make it to the finals. After an exciting final round Team SPORK was named runner-up in the robotics competition. We also received runner-up for the Safety Award, sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories. One of our veteran mentors, Mr. Dave Lashley, was nominated for the Woodie Flowers Award. Good luck to him.

This event gave our team a great taste of competitions for the year, and for many of our younger team members, it was their second event. We will spend this week making some modifications to our robot, and next weekend we travel to Campbell University for the North Carolina state competition. With all that we’ve learned from this competition, we’re looking forward to a very successful event!

You can track our progress during the State competition by following any of our social media accounts. Also, watch us online live at:!

Mathnasium Math Night

Team SPORK participated in the Mathnasium Math Night at Torrence Creek Elementary on October 25th. At this event, Team SPORK students and mentors led math games and engaged students while educating their parents. Team SPORK also brought SPORKReach and ran a game where students threw bean bags at the robot and drove the robot. Team SPORK enjoyed reaching out to these students and engaging them in STEM activities. Mathnasium is one of our most recent sponsors and we thank them for giving us an opportunity to help them at this event.

Back to School Bash Statesville

Team SPORK students and mentors participated in the Back to School Bash on August 11th. The Back to School Bash served over 1,300 disadvantaged students from the local area and provided them with free school supplies, shoes, books, bags, and physicals. Team SPORK helped distribute shoes to students, helped with registration, and helped distribute school supplies. We enjoyed providing a great back to school experience for these students.

You can learn more about Back to School Bash and how to volunteer here.