A Fantastic Movement

Hello Everybody! Long time no see! We hope everybody has enjoyed their summer vacation, but we are kicking ourselves back into gear and getting the train rolling once again. Over the summer a select few have been working very hard to plan our year out and ensure a more streamlined structure and process of carrying out our day to day activities. With this being done, there is no doubt in our minds that efficiency within the team will increase drastically.

Along with all of this fantastic news, there is still more to be uncovered, Team SPORK has partnered with the #itcanwait movement to help not only bring awareness to the issue of texting and driving, but also to help ensure safety on our schools campus. There have been multiple occasions where our team members wellness has been threatened by the carelessness of others.  We hope you are willing to join every single one of our team members, mentors, and coaches in taking the pledge to not text and drive. If you would like to take the pledge please visit this website and join this fantastic movement!

We hope everyone enjoys what is left of their days and stay safe on the roads!

– Team SPORK

Team SPORK Annual Interest/Informational Meeting

We are happy to announce we will be having our annual Team SPORK Interest/Informational Meeting May 11th from 6pm – 7pm! This event will take place at the Auditorium in Pine Lake Prep’s STEM Building. We openly invite any and all members of the Pine Lake community to this event so they can learn how we function as a team and some of the things that we do within our local community as well.  Both students and parents of students are encouraged to come stop in so we can inspire them to help partake in this fascinating experience. This event will be lead entirely by our student members who are delighted to talk to those interested. We will be having a Q&A afterwards to help address any concerns you may have about participation with the team.  We are ecstatic for this event and we cannot wait to see you there!

Lead On!

Even though the 2016-2017 FRC season is over, we are still working hard to map out the future of Team SPORK. Our mentors and coaches spent all of last night interviewing our applicants and determined who will lead us to a successful season! Congratulations to those who have been appointed to their desired position and we are excited for what is coming in the near future.

We will keep you updated!


Unfortunately our team didn’t make it to the playoffs at Worlds but we have been running around the different fields cheering the rest of our NC Teams on!  NC FIRST UNITE!

Day 2 Wrap Up

Day 2 of the FRC World Championship in Houston has come and past and we are doing just fine! We are currently 2-2 and are seeking to improve now that day 3 is starting. The entire competition is being streamed on Twitch so feel free to stop by and get a peak at why we are doing! 

Day 2 Start Up

Day 2 of the FRC World Houston Competition is officially underway! With our pit setup, scouting well under way and everyone is having a fantastic time! Our first match is yet to happen, but we are still confident we will blow everyone away! Watch our social media accounts if you would like to stay updated and we will hope to keep you in the know!