Second Harvest Food Bank

Team SPORK went to Second Harvest Food Bank in Charlotte on October 20. Team members, parents, and mentors sorted foods and medicines that will be distributed in the community. In total, Team SPORK sorted 5,600 pounds of food, 10,200 pounds of bread, and 12,800 pounds of medicine. Second Harvest Food Bank distributes 54 million pounds of food each year in 19 counties. Team SPORK enjoyed going out into the community and making a positive change, especially after the two recent hurricanes.
To learn more about Second Harvest and how to volunteer, visit

THOR Recap!

Thank you to everyone who came and watched us at THOR! From mentors, to alumni students, to so many others, we had a great group cheering us on and we couldn’t have done it without them. We ended in 3rd place after an amazing round of qualification matches and ended up being finalists at the competition! We allianced with Team 2655, The Flying Platypi, and Team 6004, F(x) Robotics!


Helping Hurricane Florence Victims

As much of North Carolina slowly rebuilds after Hurricane Florence last week, many teams in North Carolina now face uncertainty to the future of their team as they still are unable to address the damage from the Hurricane. Understanding the huge challenge facing these teams for this year, we would like provide support. Something we mentioned a post or two ago was about our 50/50 raffle that goes on during each football game. We would like to take all proceeds earned through these raffles and donate it to these teams, in the hope that this will allow them to rebuild. This applies to all games for this season.

If you’re unable to donate through the games, please consider donating through the FIRST website. All proceeds go to the teams to help them rebuild.

Thank you,



A Recap of the Back To School Bashes

Over the last two weeks, Team SPORK has truly done a lot. We’ve attended not one, but TWO Back to School Bashes in our surrounding area!

The Mooresville Back to School Bash was held at Mooresville Middle School on Saturday, August 4th. This was our main event. We spent the day introducing students to our new outreach bot, SPORKreach, and allowing families and students to understand what FIRST is and how they could get their children into this amazing program! Overall, we served over 1,500 students from the area, and saw over 5,000 people at the event. This was also the first outreach event our new SPORK members attended, and we’re so proud of each and every one of them that came out to represent their team.  Interested in learning more? Go to :

But it doesn’t stop there. While our bots may not have been there, a few SPORK Families took the initiative to volunteer at the Statesville Back To School Bash as well. Serving a similar number of people, except from the Statesville area, these students and families spent the entire day distributing school supplies, shoes, books, bags and much more ! And of course, they all had fun doing it.

The Back to Schools Bashes were focused on distributing school supplies, books, bags, socks, shoes, and much more to disadvantaged students in the area. They also allow for students to see different interests and have fun right before the school year starts. To parents and students that reached out for more information about FIRST, look out for an email coming out soon with information on how to start teams and how Team SPORK can help you do that. And if you happen to have some time and want to volunteer, there are other Back to School Bashes throughout our state. In Charlotte alone, there are 3 this week. We encourage you to go out and volunteer!


Back-To-School Bash 2018

Come join Team SPORK at Mooresville Middle School Saturday, August 4th, at the annual Back-To-School Bash! We will be bringing our brand new outreach robot, SPORKReach, to promote STEM education and the FIRST mission. Back-To-School Bash will be distributing school supplies, clothing, shoes, books, and backpacks to over 1500 students in need in our community. They are still looking for volunteers to help with this event. Sign up at:’d love to see you there!