To Our Sponsors…

Hello Team SPORK Sponsors!

We’re writing to update you following the team’s first competition of the season, which took place over the weekend at Eastern Guilford High School.  We’ve come so far since this year’s competition was revealed the first week of January – brainstorming the most effective design to accomplish this year’s “Destination: Deep Space” challenge, creating CAD models and electrical diagrams, programming and building the robot, testing and honing its capabilities, and then this weekend, competing against 36 other teams in a district competition.

Our team and robot performed well during the day-and-a-half of qualifying matches finishing 5th out of 36 teams, joining Team 4534 the Wired Wizards and Team 5854 GLITCH on the 3rd Alliance. Unfortunately, we were eliminated in a quarter-final match late on Sunday. We did have some exciting success off the playing field – Team SPORK was awarded the Industrial Design Award, sponsored by General Electric.

This event gave our team the first taste of competition for the year, and for many of our younger team members, it was their first event.  We will spend this week making some modifications to our robot, and next weekend we travel to UNC-Asheville for our second regional competition.  With all that we’ve learned from this competition, we’re looking forward to a very successful event!

Sponsors, we couldn’t do this without your generous support!  Following are some photos from the event, including those showing your logos at our pit and on our robot.  Please contact us with any questions, and if you happen to be in Asheville next weekend, we’d welcome having you there to see the event and share in the fun!

Sponsors, we so appreciate all your support to Team SPORK ! Please click the link below and see us in action!

Link to watch us this weekend: