• Robot: Jeremy

  • Season: 2014

  • Game: Aerial Assist

  • Height: 32 inches

  • Description: Team SPORK constructed Jeremy for the 2014 build season and for the Aerial Assist challenge. Jeremy consisted of a simple omni 4-wheel drive system inboard on his rectangular chassis. The majority of Jeremy’s pneumatic and electrical components were housed in the undercarriage of his chassis or in the upright housing in the back. To conquer the challenge presented before us, Jeremy was constructed with a complex kicking mechanism to propel the balls high in the air, both over the truss, into the low and high goals. Jeremy’s kicking mechanism consisted of a hammer like arm staged on the top of his rear housing. Two pneumatic pistons would push the spring tensioned hammer into locking position and then proceed to disengage. A car lock locked the hammer into position. When a ball was put into position using the mandibles in the front of the robot, the hammer would release and propel the ball a great distance. Jeremy used the standard 2014 FRC control system consisting of the C-RIO control system, PDB, Jaguar motor controllers, CIM motors (4x), window motors (2x), and a wide array of pneumatic controllers, pistons, and solenoids. Jeremy, with his speed, mobility, and functionality has the ease conquering the challenging task given by FIRST for the 2014 FRC season.

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