• Robot: Scorpion

  • Season: 2013

  • Game: Ultimate Ascent

  • Height: 54.75 in


  • Scorpion was designed to climb the pyramids placed at the ends of the field in Aerial Assist. Scorpion was able to ascend to the third level of the pyramid and place colored disks in the top, scoring a maximum of 50 points. The main power in the robot came from the high traction wheels powered by CIM motors. The climbing mechanism utilized a large “chainsaw” like device that was powered by two CIM motors through a Super Shifter gearbox, which produced more than enough torque to lift the 150-pound robot. The specially designed V-shaped chassis allowed the robot to climb the side of the pyramid along the corner, using both active and passive hooks to keep the robot suspended in the air. A bucket placed at the top of the arm carried the frisbees and placed them into the scoring bin.
    • Awards
    • Creativity
    • Industrial Design
    • Quality