Helping Hurricane Florence Victims

As much of North Carolina slowly rebuilds after Hurricane Florence last week, many teams in North Carolina now face uncertainty to the future of their team as they still are unable to address the damage from the Hurricane. Understanding the huge challenge facing these teams for this year, we would like provide support. Something we mentioned a post or two ago was about our 50/50 raffle that goes on during each football game. We would like to take all proceeds earned through these raffles and donate it to these teams, in the hope that this will allow them to rebuild. This applies to all games for this season.

If you’re unable to donate through the games, please consider donating through the FIRST website. All proceeds go to the teams to help them rebuild.

Thank you,



PLP Podcast

Recently, SPORK was invited to appear on the Pine Lake Public Radio podcast. Representing our team was Jacob (Engineering Director), along with Jeremiah (Mechanical lead) and Jackson (Mechanical, Marketing). During the 15-minute Q and A, SPORK members discuss a variety of topics, including this year’s challenge and our team’s progress, structure, and operations.

You can check out the podcast below (SPORK interview begins at 18:09):

E2D Volunteering

This past weekend some members and mentors of Team SPORK were volunteering with Eliminate the Digital Divide (E2D) giving away hundreds of laptops to different students who couldn’t afford them for school. During hours of hard work we gave away over 400 computers, changing the lives of roughly 2,000 people!  It was very humbling to be able to work with such nice people to help improve the future of students within the Charlotte area.  We cannot wait to work with E2D again along with other companies who do similar activities within the area.

Team SPORK Interest Meeting

Team SPORK will be hosting a meeting on August 25th for anyone who is interested in Team SPORK and what we do.  We encourage anyone that goes to Pine Lake Preparatory and wishes to pursue a career in either operations or engineering to attend this meeting.  We will provide anyone who attends with a substantial amount of information about how we operate, what we do during build season and off season, how to join the team, and plenty more things.  If you are even considering pursuing anything in operations or engineering please consider spending an hour with us from 2:30 to 3:30 on Thursday to learn more about how SPORK works and how it can better you.


Today, SPORK members sold coffee, donuts, hot chocolate, and bracelets in the morning for two hours to raise money for the team. Fortunately for team SPORK McDonald’s donated 20 boxes of coffee, Krispy Kreme gave us a discount on 10 dozen donuts,  to help us out with our fundraiser. One thing you could always on from the students was the big smile on their faces as they left with their doughnuts and hot drink.

There were SPORK members that sold the remaining items during lunch for a reduced price and then again after school. By the end of the day we still had remaining coffee and gave away all the extra to students passing in the hallways. We made a total of $421 by selling lots of goodies and team SPORK accessories. Overall we had a pretty good turn out but the most important thing is that we had fun while we were doing it. We look forward to hosting another SPORK Café soon.

Ready to sell 6-30am

Team SPORK – Leadership Elections

Today we came together as a team and voted for the people who will help us succeed this year.  We completely ecstatic to usher in our new student leaders and see what they are capable of. Not only are we glad to see our new leaders be elected, we are completely exhilarated to start our new build season with our freshmen who we hope will stay with us on this crazy ride through the next 4 years.