A couple of SPORK team members having fun at prom the other night!

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Team Member Spotlight

Our team member spotlight this week is me! My name is Spencer Woolley and I run Team SPORK’s social media accounts. I also assist in our website design, strategy and awards. This is my first year on the team and I have had so much fun working with other teams to do as best we can!

Competition Recap

Team SPORK had a very good competition this weekend. We started with 5 straight wins and ended our first day with a record of 6-3. Our second day began with 3 more qualification matches, going 1-2. We were picked by @team2655 for their alliance in the playoffs. We lost a tight third match in the quarterfinals and were eliminated. However we ended up with a Pit Safety Award finalist, Robot Inspection Award and an Industrial Design Award! We are very excited for UNC Asheville next weekend!


It’s time for playoffs! Team SPORK is a proud member of alliance #6, with @team2655 @iced_java! We are so ready to compete for a championship!

@FRC3196 @FIRSTweets @FRCTeams @FIRSTNC #morethanrobots #omgrobots #itCanWait #StabStabScoop #FIRSTPOWERUP