Sponsor Shoutout


Team SPORK wants to give a special shoutout to Structure Medical, who is one of our biggest sponsors. Structure is a manufacturing company that is creating the latest in medical implants and technology to help people in need. One of Structure’s employees has even graciously volunteered to be a mentor for our team, and has proved an invaluable asset. Thank you Structure Medical!

Recap Week 5

This was a very fun and hectic week! We have been working diligently to make the best robot we can! All of our subteams have been very busy this week.

Our programming team has been very busy coding our autonomous sequence, as well as working to configure the teleop code to our drive team’s preferences.

The awards team has been working hard on our chairman’s video. We have made good progress, but we still have a lot more to go!

The mechanical team has been assembling the first version of the robot, and is currently cutting and assembling the second version.

We have made great progress this week and hope to keep the momentum going for next week!

Recap: Week 4

This week has been very exciting and chaotic for our team. Early in the week, a representative from Lowe’s, one of our amazing sponsors, gave us a visit. We had the honor to show her around the workshop and tell her a bit about the game and our strategy this year. We appreciate the gracious donation from Lowe’s and are very proud to have them as a sponsor.

On Saturday afternoon we also received a visit from someone we love and honor so much, Julia Wagner. Mrs. Wagner is a NC FIRST representative and we are so happy we got to see her and show her what we are working on!

As we continued to progress through the week, we came upon a few bumps in the road. A few challenges arose with our chairman’s video, setting us back in our progress. But we took that frustration and turned it into motivation. We have realized that we will always run into challenges, but what matters is that we push through those tough times to make us stronger as a team and a family.

Recap: Week 3

As a team we have made tremendous progress in building and operations. We have been working tirelessly on awards and are very proud of the work that is being accomplished. Through the long days spent working together, we have grown closer as a family. We continue to bond through our passion and enjoy the time we get to spend getting to know one another. It is especially exciting to recognize the great talent of our new members. We are so excited for the upcoming weeks as we get closer to competition and we are eager to continue our great work!