Week 1 Update

This week, Team SPORK discussed a concept robot design for the 2016 challenge,  FRC Stronghold. This year we decided that we could take on a new approach to the design of the robot, we separated the team into four conceptualization groups in which we will come up with individual and unique concepts. We rated our design’s using a Kepner Tregoe chart. A Kepner Tregoe chart helps score projects based on the importance of specific tasks a design is supposed to accomplish. This new and unique planning process now used by Team SPORK will help in years to come. Future team members can learn from the this year’s process and apply our new techniques and improve it in the years to come. Team SPORK wishes the best of luck for competing teams.


2016 Kickoff

Today Team SPORK met to watch the reveal of this years challenge, FIRST Stronghold. Our kickoff went well and we are already creating strategies for the new challenge. We  would also like to thank Newell Rubbermaid for lending us their facilities. We wish everyone the best of luck and hope that everyone is as excited for this years challenge as we are.


Today, SPORK members sold coffee, donuts, hot chocolate, and bracelets in the morning for two hours to raise money for the team. Fortunately for team SPORK McDonald’s donated 20 boxes of coffee, Krispy Kreme gave us a discount on 10 dozen donuts,  to help us out with our fundraiser. One thing you could always on from the students was the big smile on their faces as they left with their doughnuts and hot drink.

There were SPORK members that sold the remaining items during lunch for a reduced price and then again after school. By the end of the day we still had remaining coffee and gave away all the extra to students passing in the hallways. We made a total of $421 by selling lots of goodies and team SPORK accessories. Overall we had a pretty good turn out but the most important thing is that we had fun while we were doing it. We look forward to hosting another SPORK Café soon.

Ready to sell 6-30am

Team SPORK – Leadership Elections

Today we came together as a team and voted for the people who will help us succeed this year.  We completely ecstatic to usher in our new student leaders and see what they are capable of. Not only are we glad to see our new leaders be elected, we are completely exhilarated to start our new build season with our freshmen who we hope will stay with us on this crazy ride through the next 4 years.


FLL Mentoring

Team SPORK stands for Students Providing Outreach and Robotic Kinship. This means that we strive to inspire younger generations. We mentor many Jr FLL, FLL, and FRC teams, including well over 150 kids this year alone. It is exciting to see them grow in STEM and be so enthusiastic about robotics. They get so excited about everything to do with robotics, FIRST, and STEM. We love going to and running their competitions because the smiles on the children’s faces are so big and don’t fade the whole day. Even if they don’t win, they are happy about just being there and feel accomplished about where their robot and projects have gotten them. It is very touching when they talk about how they can’t wait to be in high school because they want to on Team SPORK. We are overjoyed to know that these kids understand the meaning of FIRST and it makes us want to continue mentoring them. We dedicate ten or more hours a week to mentoring FIRST students. Team SPORK is even home to the 2015 NC FLL Youth Mentor of the Year, Erin Lashley.



Lawndale FLL Competiton

Today, Burns Middle School hosted a FLL regional competition. The competition consisted of 36 teams. There were 4 teams attending that were directly created by us. Out of those 4 teams, 3 of them are going to the state competition in January. A majority of the referees and judges at this competition were members of our team, and our very own Erin Lashley won the Youth Mentor Award for the second year in a row. She also aspires to win the Youth Mentor Award for the second time at the state level.