This past weekend (Sept. 23-24) Team SPORK went to Raleigh to compete at Thundering Hurd of Robots also known as THOR. We were placed in 11th after winning four of our six qualification matches and eventually moved on to become the 8th alliance captain.  With EastBots and The Chargers at our sides we went into the quarterfinals to have two close matches against the 1st place alliance and unfortunately get knocked out.  We had an amazing time and learned so much. Not only that, we managed to not break anything at the competition as well which may just be a SPORK first!  img_2366


This past Tuesday FIRST released a teaser trailer for the new game that will be fully released on the 7th of January. We already have generated a plethora of ideas as to what the game will end up being. These ideas vary from mini robots that fly to something that involves hot air balloons and steam. We cannot wait until build season kicks off and we get to learn about the game!

New Recruits

Our first operations meeting of the year with our new recruits is happening today! We will be discussing things from our new leadership arrangements to how we will be affording anything and everything.  There is an agenda that you can find here. If you have any questions you can contact our mentors and coaches who will do their best to answer any questions you may have.