Info Dump Fun Times

Hello everyone, we have a lot of new information to share as we finished our robot and are gearing up for the Greensboro District event.

Just this past week our beloved mentor Chad Hicks and his wife Samantha had a beautiful baby girl!  We are wishing them all the best and are so happy for the two– or should we say three of them.

Along with that wonderful news near the entirety of Team SPORK went to see Pine Lake’s showing of Hello, Dolly! this past Friday! Our team members Anneliese, Sriya, Nidhi, and Drew were all involved in the play putting on a show to die for. We are so proud of them all and can’t wait to see their next show! If you would like to see some pictures taken, please follow this link and give a good word to Mrs. Sullivan for being a fantastic photographer!

That is all we have at the moment, we can’t wait to share more information with everyone as we go into competition season!


Team SPORK 2017 Robot Reveal Video

Our reveal video is finished! After working countless hours over 6 weeks we have finally completed the robot and its reveal video. We would like to give a huge thank you to our mentors and sponsors for aiding us in this adventure to create the best robot FRC has to offer! Without people as generous as them we wouldn’t even be able to purchase a single screw! Enjoy the video!

PLP Podcast

Recently, SPORK was invited to appear on the Pine Lake Public Radio podcast. Representing our team was Jacob (Engineering Director), along with Jeremiah (Mechanical lead) and Jackson (Mechanical, Marketing). During the 15-minute Q and A, SPORK members discuss a variety of topics, including this year’s challenge and our team’s progress, structure, and operations.

You can check out the podcast below (SPORK interview begins at 18:09):