Mathnasium Math Night

Team SPORK participated in Mathnasium Math Night at Huntersville Elementary School on January 16. Members helped set up different booths and interacted with many children, encouraging them to have fun with STEM and math activities. Our team ran two booths: one with our SPORKreach game and another where students played math-related card game. Members also had the opportunity to show children how our outreach robot works! We also want to thank Mathnasium for giving us the opportunity to spread joy through STEM at this event.

To Our Sponsors… WORLDS Edition

We have exciting news following our time at the FRC World Championships held in Houston, Texas from April 17th-20th.  

After 2 days of difficult qualification matches, competing with the best teams around the world, Team SPORK finished 33rd out of 70 and was picked as the fourth member of the seventh alliance in our division, Turing. We were thrilled to compete with- Team 6672 Fusion Corps, Team 4451 ROBOTZ Garage, and Team 4513 Circuit breakers. Our alliance qualified for the semifinals, but sadly lost by 2 points at the end of the second match.

If you didn’t catch it, here is a piece that Good Morning America did on FIRST robotics and the World Championships.  If you look SUPER closely at a time of right around 7 seconds, you can see our drive team on the opposite side of the field.  Here is the link:

While we did not come home with trophies,we learned a ton of valuable lessons!  This opportunity will surely help us grow as a team. We are consumed with discussions of drive trains, lifts, mechanisms, Chairman’s presentations, fundraising and MUCH more.  This will be a busy summer and fall as we attack the 2020-2021 season with our goal- Worlds!

We are sad to say goodbye to our two amazing seniors that will be graduating this year, Pooja and Anneliese. Pooja has been on the team for all of her high school career and Anneliese has been on the team for 3 years. Both of them have inspired many team members and will leave a legacy of hard work and passion for Team SPORK.  

Sponsors, we couldn’t do this without your generous support!  Following are some photos from the event, including those showing our team with our Alliance Partners, with the FIRST logo and our drive team speaking to judges in our pit.  Please contact us at with any questions.  

Below, you will see our team switching out bumpers for our next match and below that, our robot SPORKNIK in action, and our crated robot ready for the trip home from Houston.   

To Our Sponsors… States Edition

We have exciting news following our state competition over the weekend at Campbell University in Dunn, North Carolina. Team SPORK is excited to have placed fifth overall in North Carolina!

After a day-and-a-half of challenging qualification matches, our team finished in 4th place out of the top 32 teams in the state. We joined FRC Team 4534 The Wired Wizards and FRC Team 4291 Astrobots on the 2nd Alliance! Although we were eliminated during the Semi-Final Matches on Sunday afternoon, we were awarded the Team Spirit Award!

But for even more thrilling news…..

We have qualified for the FRC World Championships held in Houston, Texas on April 17-21!

We are competing against some of the best teams and robots from across the globe. We will meet awesome people, share our experiences (and you!), attend conferences and meet new friends. We’re beyond excited to have this opportunity and are anxiously waiting for the competition to begin!

Sponsors, we couldn’t do this without your generous support! Following are some photos from the event, including those showing our team with the Campbell University Camel and your sponsor logos outside of our pit. Please contact us with any questions.

Sponsors, we so appreciate all your support to Team SPORK!