• Robot: Bubbles

  • Season: 2009-2010

  • Game: Breakaway

  • Height: 38 inches

  • Description: Bubbles was Team SPORK’s first robot, constructed our rookie year, for the Breakaway challenge. Bubbles used pneumatic wheels that were 6 inches in diameter. It was equipped with a kicker, a roller bar, and a lift which was used to score points in the challenge. It used a Lexan dome to protect the robot. Prototypes for the manipulators included a pneumatically controlled puncher, a spring release mechanism, and a baseball hitter. The bumpers were trimmed down, and screws replaced with aluminum equivalents to reduce weight. Team SPORK placed well in North Carolina Regional. The robot got nominated for the Rookie All-Star Award and made it to Worlds in Atlanta, Georgia. Team SPORK was placed in the Archimedes division in Atlanta.

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