Shooter McGavin


    • Robot: Shooter McGavin

    • Season: 2011-2012

    • Game: Rebound Rumble

    • Height: 52 inches 

    • Description: Shooter McGavin was Team SPORK’s third robot and was constructed for the 2012 challenge, Rebound Rumble. Shooter used an aluminum square tubing chassis instead of the aluminum plate chassis used in previous years. The chassis itself only weighed 20 pounds. A tank drive was used with 4 pneumatic wheels. It used a belt system to raise and store the balls; and a dual flywheel to shoot the balls out of the top. Shooter McGavin had a 96% accuracy when firing the balls. Shooter performed so well that Team SPORK made it to the World Championship in St. Louis, Missouri.

      • Engineering Inspiration
      • Dean’s List Finalist