Sir SPORKalot


  • Robot: Sir SPORKalot

  • Season: 2015-2016

  • Game: Stronghold

  • Height: 12.25 inches

  • Description: Sir SPORKalot is our seventh robot designed. It was madeĀ for the 2015-2016 challenge, Stronghold. This robot is unique in that it is the first robot made by Team SPORK to use treads. The Rhino treads are run by an arcade drive and each track uses two CIM motors. The frame is 32 inches long by 20 inches wide and made of aluminum. It stands at 12.25 inches high with a weight of 94 pounds. Sir SPORKalot has an adjustable shooting mechanism, and uses an interior flywheel design. The flywheels are each powered by a BaneBotĀ and have a gear ratio of 12 to 1. Sir SPORKalot can cross every piece of terrain in the challenge except for the portcullis. The robot uses a usb camera for target acquisition to shoot high goals, but thanks to the adjustable shooting mechanism, low goals can also be made.
  • Gracious Professionalism
  • Hard Hat Safety