• Robot: SporkLift

  • Season: 2014-2015

  • Game: Recycle Rush

  • Height: 54 inches

  • Description: SPORKLift was Team SPORK’s sixth robot and was constructed for the 2014-2015 challenge Recycle Rush. This robot was Team SPORK’s first implementation of holonomic drive and used 4-inch mecanum wheels. SPORKLift featured a chain driven elevator system with a rack and pinion to move its arms across the elevator. SPORKLift’s functionality includes picking up plastic totes and recycling bins and placing them on top of each other. Along with new mechanical parts, SPORKLift was the first robot built using new electrical components, including the Power Distribution Panel (PDP), roboRIO, and Talon SRX motor controllers. SPORKLift’s 28×32” frame was designed in PTC Creo and assembled at Nitro Manufacturing. On SPORKLift’s first tour of duty, it placed third in the elimination at the Raleigh Regional and along with the team received the imagery award for its creative design. The extremely lightweight design of the base chassis allowed for the lifting mechanism to be as sturdy as possible, leading to extreme reliability.

  • Imagery