Week Five Build Season Update

This week we moved forward with mounting and connecting the main components of our electrical belly pan. We perfected our vision programming and tested the software on our mechanisms. In addition, we made some final design changes on our remaining mechanisms by constructing prototypes and testing them on the robot. We are also moving forward with the final mechanical stages of our mechanisms to be fully constructed. We will move forward with mounting these mechanisms and testing them on the robot.

Week Four Build Season Update

This week we worked on finalizing many details of our mechanisms. We continued to CAD out the final touches and work towards manufacturing and assembling the final components of our robot. This week we also determined the location of the electrical components on the belly pan of the robot. We also moved forward by incorporating software into our mechanisms. We started to enable software into our turreted shooter to test shooting parameters and mechanism functionality.

Week Two Build Season Update

This week we mocked-up and prototyped many of our mechanisms. We have been able to test them and record data on their functionality. With this data, we have continued to improve our mechanisms and construct the different components of our robot. In addition, we have started constructing our chassis and testing new motors on the drivetrain. In the coming weeks, we hope to improve our designs and start assembling the final version of our mechanisms. 



Week One Build Season Update

We started this week by dividing into design groups to think of creative ways to accomplish the tasks on the field. Throughout the week we have been brainstorming and discussing robot strategy and designs as a team. We have also been prototyping different mechanisms and testing their functionality to further improve our designs. In addition, we have been constructing field elements to test mechanisms. We will continue to test and manufacture different mechanisms to move closer to our completed robot.