• Our ecstatic alliance celebrating our big win in Greensboro!

Who We Are

Team SPORK is a high school robotics team that participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC).  We have been a FRC team ever since the 2010 season in which we built our very first robot, Bubbles! Being a nonprofit, we rely on generous companies to sponsor us and donate grants so we can do what we love to. Without their generosity and kindness we wouldn’t be able to function.

It Can Wait

Team SPORK would like to give a big thanks to our premium sponsors for joining us in AT&T’s It Can Wait Campaign against texting while driving! A full list of Team SPORK’s campaign partners can be found here.


Our answer to the challenge presented by First STEAMworks is Dr. STEAM. The primary focus of this bot is running gears from the loading station to the airship, so we made sure it is fast and agile enough to quickly move across the field. Of course, the ability to shoot high-goal fuel was not overlooked, and so Dr. STEAM features a flywheel shooter.

You can find more information about Dr. STEAM here.